Anna AgurinaBorn as an artist, Anna became a perfumer in order to realize her creative potential. Her values are modern approach, uniqueness, sensuality and harmony. By means of her creations she tells little stories that invoke emotions and give the sense of pleasure.

Anna obtained the degree in the chemistry and worked for several years in Russia as a brand manager for Nina Ricci and Prada brands. Then Anna moved to France to study perfumery in the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. The knowledge she has got as well as creative atmosphere and closeness to the nature provided excellent conditions for creating unique and futuristic fragrances.

As a perfumer, Anna finds the inspiration in everything that surrounds her: music, dance, literature and above all – in the people that tell her their life stories. She turns these stories into the personal perfumes, which reveal the feelings and emphasize the unique personality traits of their protagonists.